What Is Airtel Mitra Biomatric Registration

Hello everyone. I'm going to explain what the Airtel Mitra Biometric Registration is today because it recently became available and its version is V3.61. It was upgraded a few days ago. You have the choice to register a Biomatric device in this version. This option now has a new option, its own app, through which you can register your biometric device if it has not yet been activated. 

What Is Biomatric Device?

Friends, this is the kind of equipment that scans your figure pointer, and you can reduce it by pressing your thumb wherever it is needed.

Airtel Mitra Ekyc Option!

Friends, this is a feature that allows you to provide a SIM card in a customer's name by providing his Aadhaar number and scanning his finger print. If you are a shopkeeper, you are aware of this feature.

Airtel Mitra Dkyc Option!

Friends, this is a really simple procedure. By taking the customer's Aadhaar photo on both sides and filling out the new SIM card details, you can issue a new SIM in the customer's name. Many thanks

How Do I Use The Airtel Mitra App To Configure My Biomatric Device? 

  • You must first log into the Airtel Mitra App from your mobile device.
  • You must first select the Biometric registration option. Next, you must choose the device and its model.
  • You merely need to choose the next option to go to the payment section after finishing all the work.
  • Friends, you must now complete the payment.
  • As soon as you complete the payment, your biometric device will be registered.

About Airtel Mitra App!

Friends, the Airtel Mitra App is a retailer. It is made for them so that people can issue new SIMs for their customers, as well as recharge the customers' phones, perform MNP, and replace lost Hua Sims. You can also grow your business by adding one to your agency.


  • Use WiFi or the mobile data setting
  • Go to the Play Store
  • Click the search icon and enter "Airtel Mitra"
  • After the app has been installed, use your mobile device as a Lapu phone number by tapping the Install button and waiting for the app to install.

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