Clash Royales 5 greatest Rare cards to utilise in Clash Royales Miner Mine for Gold Challenge

The best Clash Royale game is Utilizing rare cards in Clash Royale Challenge: Miners Mine for Gold The newest 1v1 challenge in Clash Royale, Miner Mine for Gold, requires players to employ an 8-card deck in order to succeed in challenge matches. After two of the eight cards, Miner and Might Miner, are present in the deck, players must select the remaining six from the list of unlocked cards. Players must choose wisely because they can only select unlocked cards. Players may select any rarity card other than the Champion card because the Mighty Miner, a Champion card, will already be in the combat deck.

The top five Rare cards to use in the Miner Mine for Gold challenge in Clash Royale

We'll go through the top five Rare cards for Clash Royale's Miner Mine for the Gold challenge battles and awards in this post.

5 fantastic Rare cards to use in the Miner Mine for Gold task in Clash Royale

Cost: 4 Elixir 354 damage. 2705 Hit Points A potent ground Rare card with the potential to inflict area damage on rival warriors is called Valkyrie. She is a good troop for slowing down the enemy because she can deal 360° damage to hostile units. Her incredible damage and hitpoints allow her to be used as a little tank as well. In order to strike enemy air warriors, players should pair Valkyrie with aid cards like Minions, Arrows, and Zap. She is most effective when positioned between the two armies because she can deal massive damage to both while using less Elixir.

No. 4 Rider of the Hog

Amount: 4 elixir

damage 421

Hit Points: 228

One of the best build-target cards in Clash Royale, this card can deliver a tonne of damage to an enemy tower when it is ignored by the opponent. Players should pair Hog Rider with cards like Log, Zap, Valkyrie, and Wizard because it is vulnerable to troop cards because it directly targets the enemy's structures. Hog Rider and Valkyrie make a great team since Valkyrie shields Hog from waves of soldiers. Hog Rider and Rage can be combined to do enormous damage to adversaries.

A magician.

Cost: Five elixir 955 Hitpoints; 373 Damage; 373 Damage; 373 3 damage Players can access Wizards once they have reached Arena 4. This effective anti-air card does area damage to enemy soldiers and towers. Because of his strong damage capability, he makes a good support troop to use with cards like Hog Rider, Valkyrie, and Mega Knight. The Wizard can also be employed to halt the advance of the enemy's swarm army.

Pekka Mini 2

4 Elixir, $955 in damage, 1804 hit points A low-elixir tank troop with a high hitpoint and damage capacity is the Mini Pekka. Players can use it alongside the Wizards and Valkyrie to combat high-hitpoint cards like Mega Knight, Golem, and Pekka. Players will be able to use the Mini Pekka card once they have finished the in-game training. Because Mini Pekka only affects ground units, players must team it with anti-air cards like Witch and Wizard to deal the maximum damage to their adversaries.

The Tower of Inferno, first

In order to avoid being targeted by the Inferno Tower's high-hitpoint card, players should pair area-damage cards like Wizard, Valkyrie, and Fireball with Inferno Tower.

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