Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to make Sake Maki

How to create Sake Maki at Disney Dreamlight Valley In Disney Dreamlight Valley, there are more than 160 meals to uncover and prepare, and Gameloft's life simulation doesn't hold back when it comes to sushi. It can be challenging to decide which of the many variations of the fish dish to prepare because they all seem so delicious.

Sake Maki, however, can be the dish for you if you're looking for a three-star dish that's in the centre of the pack and isn't too difficult to prepare.

If you want to prepare this mouthwatering dinner for yourself in Disney Dreamlight Valley, here is everything you need to know.

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, how is sake maki made?

The following three ingredients are required to prepare Sake Maki in Disney's Dreamlight Valley:
One Rice, One Salmon

Seaweed alone

When making Sake Maki, salmon is without a doubt the most crucial ingredient. To obtain this item, you must fish in either the Frosted Heights or the Sunlit Plateau. Unfortunately, unlocking these zones costs 10,000 and 7,000 Dreamlight, respectively, and requires you to be quite far along in the game.


The rice, which is the final component in Sake Maki, is what keeps everything together. However, it's not as difficult to find this substance. To fix Goofy's Stall nearby and open the nearby Glade of Trust, all you need is 5,000 Dreamlight. Once you've completed these two steps, Goofy will offer to sell you rice or its seeds, but if you decide to go with the seeds, you'll have to wait for the rice to sprout.


Simply fish somewhere other than the Plaza and avoid any coloured fishing circles if you want to get Seaweed. This is so that you don't catch the seaweed used to produce Sake Maki when you fish in a colourful fishing circle.

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