Over 70% of all game sales in 2022 were digital downloads

Over 70% of all game sales in 2022 were digital downloads: As the year comes to a close and businesses that specialise in crunching numbers look back over the preceding 12 months to discover patterns, facts, and figures relating to gaming, retail, prices, sales, and player behaviour, a new report from the statisticians at NewZoo makes for interesting reading.

The staggering $184.4 billion global market value of the video game industry is reported by NewZoo. All digital game sales, including those for PCs, consoles, and mobile devices, are dominated by this. It should be noted that Nintendo game sales are not included in this staggering total, since the publisher has always acted very circumspectly when it comes to sharing its own financial information.

In 2022, digital game sales accounted for more than 70% of all sales.

From this total market value, console games accounted for $51.8 billion, PC games for $38.2 billion, digital PC games for $2.3 billion, and PC games for web browsers for $2.3 billion. Mobile gaming dominates an astounding $92.2 billion in annual sales. The two highest-grossing mobile games in the world, Honor of Kings by TiMi Studios and PUBG Mobile by PUBG Corporation, each generate billions of dollars in revenue annually.

Only 28% of video game console sales in 2015 were for physically distributed titles; the bulk (72%) were for digital downloads. This continues a trend that we've observed over a number of years: consumers choosing digital downloads over physical copies of games.

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