Airtel Mitra Sim Swap Options

The leading mobile provider in the country, Bharti Airtel, has now introduced "Simple SIM Exchange using mobile app" as a way to upgrade users to 4G networks. Via the company's My Airtel app, Bharti Airtel's prepaid and postpaid users in all circles can now effortlessly upgrade their SIM to a USIM that supports 4G.

Airtel already provides a simple SIM switch by SMS, which was a simple operation. However many clients said that the systems had given them problems, like delays. Nevertheless, Airtel's new method of upgrading the SIM via the app is much simpler as it only requires scanning the code of the new SIM sachet. Due to the fact that other operators do not provide similar advantages to end users, Airtel's move is a first for the industry.

However, a new 4G USIM is needed to upgrade to 4G, and these can be purchased at any Airtel store. Via the My Airtel app or the Airtel 4G portal, affiliate shops or anybody else can request simple SIM delivery in the meantime.

How to upgrade your SIM to 4G using the app:

  • The most recent My Airtel app for Android is required.
  • Consumers must enter his number to log onto the app.
  • Tap the "Activate 4G - Switch SIM" tab in the choices below.
  • Now, scan the new SIM card's barcode that is located on the SIM packet or SIM sachet.
  • Also, one can confirm for SIM upgrading by typing the 20-digit SIM number with the letter U in that menu.
  • You will receive an SMS; confirm it by typing "1."
  • You're done now!
In contrast to other providers, Airtel made 4G SIMs accessible throughout all of India. They benefited since many customers upgraded their SIMs in the mistaken belief that their 3G phones would now support 4G.

All of these actions aided the business in increasing smartphone use, and the majority of handsets on the market are already 4G capable. This guarantees that if those consumers update to 4G phones, they can seamlessly use the 4G network as well.

Also, their ability to easily obtain SIM cards and the growth of 4G helped them attract more subscribers than other networks in the recent months.

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