Clarified in the Hogwarts Legacy Revelio Pages

History of Harry Potter Revelo sheets, one of the many valuables in the Harry Potter RPG, might be challenging to comprehend. You'll probably find a couple of them after the introduction, and as you may expect, you'll need to use Revelio to find them. So how precisely do they work?

Revelio pages are similar to field guides and flying pages in Hogwarts Legacy, although they also differ slightly. You may have noticed that Revelio pages in particular are watched over in-game because each one provides a small amount of lore about the subject at hand, whether it be something like the Great Hall, which every Harry Potter fan knows and recognises in the open-world game, or a group of beehives in a hamlet miles away from the castle. The ensuing details are relevant to the collectible.

What are Hogwarts Legacy Revelio Pages?

In Hogwarts Legacy, revelio papers are priceless items that can only be seen by casting them using the R key on a computer or the left stick on a controller. You might catch a ghostly glimpse of one without casting it, but it won't come to life until you do. You must face the page and be close to it for it to appear.

How to Acquire Hogwarts Legacy Revelio Pages?

There are 150 pages in The Hogwarts, Hogsmeade, and Highlands Heritage Revelio. These are frequently seen close to places like The Highlands' Feldcroft Well, Hogwarts' Central Hall Fountain, and Ollivanders Wand Shop in Hogsmeade. Collecting one progresses the Hogwarts Legacy field guide pages challenge and awards 80 Points.

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