Entering the Headmaster's Office in the Hogwarts Legacy

Do you wish to view the Headmaster's Office from the Hogwarts Legacy? The headmaster's office is not accessible to staff members or students. Unless you know the password, you'll need magic to enter Phineas Nigellus Black's office.

By entering the headmaster's office with the use of a special potion, we can learn the Hogwarts Heritage Black family motto. The Polyjuice Plot main mission is where you finally get to see the headmaster's office in this Hogwarts Legacy walkthrough. To find out how close you are to completing this mission, check out our list of Hogwarts Legacy tasks.

How to Enter the Headmaster's Office in the Hogwarts Legacy?

The only way to get to the Hogwarts Legacy Headmaster's Office is through the primary quest for the Polyjuice Plot. This potion transforms you into Professor Black, but you still have to get the office password. According to Professor Fig, locate Madam Kogawa to meet Scrope, Professor Black's house elf. As instructed by Madam Kogawa, inquire with Scrope in the Great Hall on the password.

Scrope provides you a password hint in the Hogwarts Legacy Headmaster's Office, but you wouldn't know it as a fifth-year student. After providing the password, pick between the following dialogue options: "You dare confront me?" and "It's about blood purity." When Scrope answers, you have unrestricted access to the headmaster's office.

Headmaster's Office in the Hogwarts Legacy: Address

Before completing the Polyjuice Plot's primary goal, you can get to the headmistress' office door, but you cannot explore it. Choose the Trophy Room with the Hogwarts Heritage Floo Flame and the Grand Staircase. Turn around and proceed to the golden horse through the dark path, after which turn right and use Alohomora to unlock the door.

Alohomora level three is required for the headmaster's office and other areas of the castle's highest summit. Finding every Hogwarts Heritage Demiguise Statue required to improve Alohomora is challenging without our assistance. Gates defended by knights can be opened by Alohomora level one. A Hogwarts Legacy eyeball chest can be found in one Alohomora-accessible location.

To find a stairway with green lanterns, stay away from the other chambers. Get the Hogwarts Legacy field guide pages by ascending this staircase, then turning left. A closed door with a sizable keyhole is located along the walkway. You found the principal's office.

That is what the Hogwarts Legacy Headmasters Office needs.

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