Attack on Titan Best Character Arcs, the Top 7 Character Arcs

Best Attack on Titan Character arcs: These characters have the most interesting plots. Giant monsters, brave protagonists, and some of the most unexpected anime twists can all be found in Attack On Titan. Viewers preferred the series’ well-written, convincing, and interesting characters. Even the supporting cast of AOT had fascinating backstories, but only a select few had fan-favorite arcs.

The creators of Attack on Titan were unafraid to turn heroes into villains or villains into friends and heroes. Since each character had their own worldview, viewers could relate to some of AOT’s most horrifying crimes. This show features some of the cleverest and most cunning anime heroes and horrible villains with thought-provoking objectives. Both the show’s characters and the viewers’ worldviews were impacted by these characters’ travels.

7. Sasha Braus’

Best Character Arcs in Attack on Titan: Sasha Braus was a beloved Attack on Titan character who had an amazing journey. Despite coming from a small town and having little experience or knowledge of fighting, Sasha eventually rose to become one of the toughest and strongest fighters in the Survey Corps of Paradies. Sasha initially neglected her training and made an effort to hide her origins.

She changed and began to take her training and self-care more seriously. Despite the fact that she never killed a Titan, Sasha was a brave soldier who always tried to help. Her tragic and terrifying demise demonstrated that no character is secure in the brutal world of Attack On Titan.

6. Armin

Arlert’s Best Character Arcs in Attack on Titan: Armin Arlert developed into one of the show’s most adored heroes, much to the delight of Attack on Titan viewers. AOT fans are still motivated by some of Armin’s most famous quotes.

Shiganshina exile Armin rose to become one of AOT’s top strategists, and his planning was crucial in many Titan engagements. Armin went through some of the most tragic events in the show and passed away much more quickly as a Titan shifter.

5. Hange Zoe

Attack on Titan Best Character Arcs: Hange Zoe was the character most affected by the tragic and fatal Titans’ conflict. Her intensity and intelligence earned her the title of “Mad Scientist” in AOT.

She used her intellect and devotion to the Titans to support her friends and all of humanity. One of AOT’s saddest moments was her passing. The fan-favorite heroine of Attack on Titan has a fascinating character arc because of her distinctive attitude.

4. Annie Leonhart

Attack on Titan Best Character Arcs: Annie Leonhart had the series’ most complex character arc. Fans of Attack on Titan were shocked by The Female Titan’s revelation. Because of her early training, Annie was one of the best fighters in the series.

She joined the Military Police Brigade at a young age with distorted beliefs because of her father’s indoctrination. One of the strongest and most recognizable Titans among the warriors was Annie. The most unlikely and important ally for AOT was Annie.

3. Mikasa Ackerman, third

Best Character Arcs in Attack on Titan: Mikasa Ackerman was the show’s toughest and most captivating female character. She had to defend herself against Titans and kidnappers because she was the only survivor of the Asian tribe.

Despite being a fierce warrior, Mikasa’s biggest mistakes caused the worst moments for AOT. She was a dedicated soldier who consistently enhanced her skills and showed consideration for others. She was one of the most important characters who wasn’t a Titan and had to make some of the most difficult decisions throughout the series.

2. Eren Jaeger

Attack on Titan Best Character Arcs: Eren Jaeger was the most horrifying and sinister character in the film. One of the bravest heroes in the series evolved into the most formidable Titan ever. Fans could understand Eren’s deeds, but they couldn’t explain his horrific crimes and untold number of murders.

He defended everyone living in Paradise, especially his family. Since Eren detested Titans the most, his transformation in AOT was among the most breathtaking and dramatic scenes in the annals of anime.

1. Levi Ackerman

Attack on Titan Best Character Arcs: Captain Levi Ackerman was the show’s most valiant warrior and most deadly Titan-killer. Additionally, he has a tragic past. His obsession and lack of sleep were a result of his past.

Levi was one of the most powerful and intelligent characters in AOT thanks to his distinct way of thinking and deadpan sense of humor. One of the most fascinating characters was Levi, and as the seasons progressed, viewers discovered more about him and his ancestry.

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