epm jk gov in Login 2022 – Step-by-Step Instructions for Registration

The steps for epm jk gov login 2022 as well as all relevant information will be covered here.In Jammu and Kashmir, a new portal called the EMP (Employee Performance Monitoring) Portal has been launched. The website is primarily intended for government employees who work for one of the many institutions or organizations in Jammu and Kashmir. Government workers will greatly benefit from the portal, which is easily accessible to everyone. You can learn more about the EMP Portal JK here.

Login 2022 epm jk gov

A website for employees of governmental organizations and institutions was recently launched by the government of Jammu and Kashmir. Government employees will be educated on all aspects of the EPM JK Gov Login 2022, including comprehensive information. Step-by-step instructions for logging into the Employee Performance Monitoring Portal are provided in this article. The chief secretary of Jammu and Kashmir has opened the EPM Portal so that workers can report on how well they are doing their jobs.

An employee of the government submitted their working efficiency for the month on the seventh of the month using the Employee Performance Monitoring Portal. By March 7, 2022, people must submit their job efficiencies for the month of February. Following the submission of work efficiency data, the official controlling officer will review the data and look into the work efficiency of different government workers employed by different JK government departments. The official controlling officer will review all of the information provided by the employees by the 15th of the month. That is, the work efficiency of the month of February will be evaluated on March 15, 2022.

Login to the JK EMP Portal.

Government workers in Jammu and Kashmir can access the Employee Performance Monitoring Portal by going to the official website. The appropriate credentials must be entered after visiting the official website in order to access the portal. Government employees can use the portal by going to @epm.jk.gov.in and logging in. The portal’s user interface is simple and easy to use. Every single government worker must download the SANDESH app in order to report information about how effectively they are working. The portal will offer comprehensive data on the workers, such as their working hours and vacation days.

The Government of Jammu and Kashmir and the Chief Secretary of Jammu and Kashmir made an excellent effort when they developed the Employee Performance Monitoring Portal. Jammu and Kashmir’s Chief Secretary is making every effort to obtain these services. He is trying to comply with the requirements because he is aware of them. Each month, employees can report their working efficiency through this website by the 7th, and officials can review it by the 15th of the same month. Users can register for an account and log in to submit work or request information about it.

Visit www.epm.jk.gov.in.

Review the steps below to comprehend the sequential procedure for logging into the Employee Performance Monitoring Portal.

  • Step 1: To access the Employee Performance Monitoring Portal, a Jammu and Kashmir government employee must go to the official website, @epm.jk.gov.in.
  • Step 2: Once you’ve accessed the official Employee Performance Monitoring Portal website, look for the Registration/Login option under the Access to EPM Portal banner. You can tap on it to go to another page.
  • Step 3: After being redirected to a new page, you will be prompted to enter the necessary login/registration credentials, complete the necessary fields, and log into the portal where you will be prompted to upload working information or efficiency from the previous month. Finally, you must complete the submission.

This article should have given you a better understanding of the epm JK gov in 2022. If, after reading this article, you still have any queries or issues with the Employee Performance Monitoring Portal Login/Registration, kindly post a comment below and we’ll try to get back to you as soon as we can.

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