Linus Basket: How to Find Linus’ Basket

Linus Basket: Use this guide to locate Linus’ Blackberry basket in Stardew Valley. You can learn how to unlock this task, where to find the trug, and what Linus will receive for doing it here.

The Blackberry Basket Quest: How to Access It

Linus will write to you during your first fall in the valley to inform you that blackberry season has arrived but he is unable to find his basket. You’ll be in charge of locating it for him. Regardless of your relationship to Linus, you will receive this letter on day 8.

Linus Basket: Location

Linus’ basket is easier to find if you know where to look. Before turning left to enter the Backwoods, proceed to the Bus Station, which is to the right of your farm.

This area will contain the basket of brownish blackberries. Outside the Tunnel entrance, on the top side of the street, among some plants, is where the misplaced basket is now.
Give Linus the basket after clicking it.

Once you’ve finished “Blackberry Basket,” you can become friends with him.

Locating Linus

Characters from Stardew Valley, especially Linus, who doesn’t live in Pelican Town’s major areas, may be challenging to recognize at first.

In a tent, Linus resides close to the mines. In the fall, Linus is typically found close to his tent, the Spa, or the left side of the lake.

Before returning your basket, check Linus’ route because his whereabouts change depending on the season, day of the week, and weather.

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