MMORPG Elyon | Closing Down After Just One Online Year

MMORPG Elyon: After less than a year, Kakao Games is ending Elyon in North America and Europe. A free-to-play MMORPG in North America and Europe named Elyon is shutting down. There won’t be any new content or updates added, but the MMO will still be playable for a few more months.

When was the MMORPG Elyon released?

2020 saw the release of the MMORPG Elyon in Korea, followed by North America and Europe a year later. Path of Exile, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, and Black Desert Online are all published by the Korean company Kakao Games. Compared to the tab-targeting gameplay of World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy 14, Elyon’s combo-based skill system more closely resembles action games. Since its inception, Elyon has had trouble keeping players, a problem made worse by the recent high-profile MMORPG launches.

Due to “unsustainable KPIs,” MMORPG Elyon service will no longer be offered in North America and Europe by Kakao Games and developer Bluehole Studio. Elyon has become unprofitable due to high operating costs and a declining player base. Elyon has a maximum player count of 15,400, but the average over the past 30 days has been 140. Despite its fascinating fighting, many players leave Elyon because of its high EXP loss and forced PVP mechanics.

Users who purchased KCoin between July 1 and September 7 may be eligible for refunds if they haven’t converted it to Rubies. Elyon servers will be operational until December 7. There are still many excellent free-to-play MMOs available despite recent closures.

This is not the only MMORPG to shut down this year; TERA’s Western servers were shut down in June after ten years. As the PC version of Bless Unleashed has lost the majority of its players since its release, console operations will end in November. When players are devoted to their favorite games, especially if they have played them for years, new MMORPGs find it difficult to gain traction.

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