Toki Wartooth (Guitarist) Member of The Band Dethlok

For the fictitious band Dethklok, rhythm guitarist Toki Wartooth plays a Gibson Flying V. In Lillehammer, Norway, his small, dysfunctional family is abusive. Mikael Akerfeldt of the band Opeth served as inspiration for his character because of his resemblance to him. Dethklok, as seen on Adult Swim’s Metalocalypse, is a beloved character.

Wartooth Toki (Dethlok Guitarist)

Toki Wartooth plays rhythm guitar for Dethklok. He has been using a Brendon Small “Snow Falcon” V for the past four years in place of his usual Gibson Flying V. He was forced to work nonstop after being born in “an abandoned settlement outside Lillehammer,” Norway, to abusive cult parents. He has an accent and frequently uses the incorrect plural form of nouns, but he always refers to Pickles as such. His long brown hair, light blue eyes, and distinctive moustache are characteristics of a Fu Manchu. He is also shown to be in much better physical condition than the rest of his bandmates.

Band Toki Wartooth

He was chosen to take the place of Dethklok’s violent and egotistical founding member Magnus Hammersmith, making him the only band member without a musical background. In contrast to Skwisgaar’s arrogant Swedish demeanor, Toki and Skwisgaar’s relationship is described by Small as “clearly Norwegian.” In addition, another inferior band member has a guitar playing style that is similar to Iron Maiden.

Wartooth Toki Character

In contrast to the other band members’ profound pessimism, depressing attitudes, promiscuity, and alcoholism, Toki’s character is frequently innocent, naive, and good-natured. He has action figures, stuffed animals, and posters adorning his room, and one of his main hobbies is building model airplanes. He must receive regular insulin injections due to his Type 2 diabetes.

The Tribunal calls Toki a “angel of death” as a result of the untimely deaths of his beloved father and guitar teacher. Nearly every other living thing that comes into contact with Toki eventually dies, with the exception of Dr. Rockso, Charles, and the band members.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Toki Warooth?

Toki Wartooth is the Gibson Flying V-playing rhythm guitarist.

What is the band name of Toki?

He is the member of Band Dethlok.

What is Toki Wartooth age?

He is around 24 years old.


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