Vikram Vedha teaser unveiled; admirers remark ‘the great is back’ 2022

Vikram Vedha: the teaser quickly went viral. Social media has been popular ever since it went online. Fans are ecstatic about Hrithik Roshan’s appearance. His most recent endeavor is very dissimilar from his earlier ones.

After months of anticipation, the teaser for Gayatri’s action thriller Vikram Vedha from Pushkar has finally gone viral. Since it was posted online, #VikramVedhateaser has been trending on social media.
Vikram Vedha’s mind-blowing teaser gave the audience their first glimpse of him. The preview was posted earlier today with the caption, “Vikram Vedha has been our baby from the start,” by the filmmakers Pushkar and Gayatri. We have grown and nourished alongside it over the years. We’re excited and proud to share a piece of ourselves with you today. #VikramVedhaTeaser is now available.

Fans on Vikram Vedha 2022

This teaser has stunned fans. Hrithik Roshan’s appearance has his fans in a frenzy. He now uses a different avatar than in his previous endeavors. The anticipation to see the hot hunk on the big screen is at an all-time high as the audience will finally get to meet Hrithik after his smash hit WAR.
The teaser has a lot to say with Saif Ali Khan’s cool-headed policeman demeanor and heart-pounding BGM. The teaser frenzy is reaching new heights, and #VikramVedhateaser trended on Twitter as it took over social media.

You can watch Vikram Vedha thanks to the collaboration of Jio Studios, Friday Filmworks, and YNOT Studios with presenters Gulshan Kumar, T-Series, and Reliance Entertainment. The movie is produced by Bhushan Kumar & S. Sashikanth and directed by Pushkar & Gayatri. September 30, 2022, will see the release of the movie Vikram Vedha.

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